An Exciting Milestone: Our New Facility in Wales

Ci Recycling has many years of experience, knowledge, technologies, and dedicated facilities to deliver comprehensive IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. Yet, the new Caerphilly facility in Wales is an exciting milestone for not only Centerprise International but the IT Industry in general.

Ci Recycling recognises that recycling and reusing the IT industry’s toxic waste has never been more critical. With this facility, Ci Recycling will process a huge percentage of the waste, refurb it and put it back out to the market. By choosing Ci Recycling for your ITAD, you can save millions of litres of water, tons of carbon, avoid raw mining, and change thousands of lives – thanks to Centerprise’s ethical social impact commitment and SunScreen IT Foundation Charity.

As Centerprise International’s CEO Jeremy Nash has said, “This is not just about providing future jobs but the future of the industry. And we will only do that if we start thinking about getting every bit of worth out of every asset we deploy in recovery.” 

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