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IT Redeployment

Organisations have a requirement to provide IT hardware to New Starters and an obligation to ensure that Leavers’ IT hardware can be deployed back into the business. Centerprise offers a full starters/leavers program which consists of:

1) Arranging collection of the Leavers IT Hardware Auditing

2) Data Erasing, Re-Imaging and placing into New Starter Stock

This is undertaken by completing a starter or leaver form and submitting it via our portal, email or over the phone. IT Hardware that is disposed of sometimes can be identified as still viable to be used by your organisation. Hardware received above certain specifications agreed can be re-deployed once processed back into your organisation.

What Are The Benefits To Your Organisation?

ESG and environmental benefits

Reduced cost and minimal training

Reduced IT resources

Centerprise manages Starters/Leavers programs for several clients, providing them with re-tested, re-imaged devices for new starters. We also handle the secure data erasure of leavers devices."