IT Redeployment

IT Redeployment

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IT Redeployment

IT redeployment has many benefits for a company, from the CSR aspect, to cost and the minimal training involved in reintroducing re-deployed IT assets. IT redeployment also means that fewer IT assets end up being disposed of, creating less e-waste and reducing the impact on the environment.

It costs less to refurbish and re-deploy IT assets back into a business which is one of the key reasons it is becoming an increasingly popular option among businesses. As the assets will be the same devices, only refurbished, minimal training will be needed for employees to be able to use them confidently and competently. This is especially true if the IT assets are already running the latest version of their software. Not needing to retrain saves companies both time and money.

We are experts in secure IT asset disposal, corporate IT redeployment and managing the re-use and re-marketing of IT assets.

What are the benefits?
  • The CSR Aspect
  • Low Cost & Minimal Training Involved
  • Costs Less To Refurbish & Re-Deploy IT Assets
  • Save Time & Money
  • Less E-Waste & Reducing The Impact On The Environment
  • Enjoy Updated, Retested & Refurbished Laptops/PCs That Work As New Equipment
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