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Remarketing IT Sales
Whilst your IT equipment may be unsuitable for reuse within your own business, it may still have a residual value in the wider market. The objective of our IT remarketing services is to not only extend the life of the products but also to maximise the residual return to our clients. This is achieved through our dedicated remarketing sales channels. CiRecycling specialise in providing end of life solutions for your redundant IT assets.
What Are The Benefits To Your Organisation?

ESG and Environmental benefits

Residual value can be utilised against future purchases of products/services

Inflated Residual Values when spent on certain products/services

ESG reporting can be provided to show Carbon offset from re-use of products through our processing facility

This service starts with the receipt of an inventory list with details of the equipment. An estimated resale value is provided in advance. Upon arrival at our facility, the equipment is data erased, and functionality testing is complete with cosmetic grading and assessment. Processed equipment fit for resale is then sold throughout established remarketing channels, and full reporting is provided."