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Secure IT Asset Disposal
Secure ITAD is undertaken in line with ADISA’s Data Impact Assessment Level (DIAL). Your DIAL rating determines what level of service must be provided by Centerprise to meet your DIAL rating. Centerprise can provide a tailor-made service based on your requirements and undertaken in line with your DIAL rating. From the initial inventory taken at the point of collection, the security of logistics to our facility through to when your hardware is either re-marketed, re-deployed or recycled.
Our Secure IT Asset Disposal Service Includes:

Onsite Inventory Check

Depending on your DIAL rating this would be either a box count, count of assets or onsite scanning of individual assets.

Secure Data Destruction

Whether you have a requirement for Data to be erased using approved overwriting software or physical destruction. All processes are fully documented.

Secure GPRS Tracked Vehicles

From GPRS tracking, Dual Manned Vehicles to Stationery Alert and Geo-Fencing or escorted. All our staff are security vetted. Our team are fully aware of current data regulations, so we are able to ensure all standards are maintained thorough out the process. Verification of delivery of assets – Upon arrival at our facility all assets are counted and verified against the original inventory list provided and the chain of custody paperwork undertaken on site. You will get fully trackable audit reports and data destruction certificate.

Re-deployment, Recycling, Re-Use or Remarketing

Should you have a requirement to re-deploy assets back into your business then Centerprise can undertake this for you, applying your company image.  Percentage of achieved resale value is returned to our clients.  Centerprise’s aim is to reuse as much of the hardware that goes through our processing facility as possible. There are environmental and sustainable benefits to recycling IT hardware, but also huge cost-saving benefits to your organisation.

Our staff consists of expert technology project management and engineering staff, boasting a wealth of experience and high success rates in delivering a comprehensive, flawless, time-efficient, relocation. We will liaise with your IT and Facilities teams every step of the way, remaining on-call to swiftly address any issues and provide a seamless path to completion.Relocating a server or system can be a difficult process, and Ci can provide interim backup technology to deal with any issues with systems and hardware that could arise and  complicate the transition period.

Audit Report Detailing

Job Reference

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Data Erasure Certificate No