Secure IT Asset Disposal

Ci Recycling recognises that all organisations are faced with the common challenge of secure disposal of IT assets when they are no longer required. Data security and environmental responsibility are of paramount concern to any organisation. Not only for the legal and compliance requirements but for efficiency of service and recouping any residual value in your redundant IT assets. We can eliminate the risk of data loss thanks to our full chain of custody and asset tracking. Ci Recycling gives you peace of mind across all ITAD services.

We Manage The Total IT Disposal Process

Secure IT Asset Disposal and Onsite Data Destruction

Our asset disposal services hold the highest level of accreditation and have a track record of zero data loss since the service was first provided.

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IT Hardware Audits

Ci Recycling provides a comprehensive solution for the decommissioning, tracking and disposal of IT Assets.

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IT Redeployment and Remarketing Sales

If you are replacing, refreshing or upgrading your IT infrastructure find out how Ci Recycling can help.

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Complete Peace of Mind.

Ci Recycling has the solid infrastructure and industry expertise to manage your data asset disposal – whatever its size. Recognising the common challenge of secure IT asset disposal, we prioritise data security and environmental responsibility. Trust Ci Recycling for peace of mind and responsible IT asset disposition with ADISA certification.

As the ITAD brand under the umbrella of Centerprise International, we have the experience, knowledge, ITAD technologies and dedicated facilities to deliver comprehensive ITAD services.

ADISA is the certification body for companies that manage IT Asset Disposal services and manufacturers and developers of software and hardware data. ADISA is recognised as the UK industry standard. It is essential to manage IT asset disposal in a secure and safe way. There is a corporate responsibility to deal with the physical components and securely dispose of defunct data. Electronic scrap components like processors or CPUs potentially contain harmful materials that have to be appropriately dealt with. The elimination of any data remanence covers your data responsibilities, including GDPR.

Ci Recycling are ADISA Certified experts in IT asset disposal and can provide peace of mind and data security with IT asset disposition (ITAD). Electronic waste or e-waste, describes all discarded electronics. Not all e-waste is defunct. It may go on to be recycled, refurbished, reused or refreshed. Secure recycling, finding the best outcome for your company, for the environment and for our charity partner, Sunscreen IT. Our IT Lifecycle Management services provide a comprehensive solution for the decommissioning, tracking and disposal of IT Assets. We are able to deliver a simple solution with a one-service contract and a dedicated point of contact. Our asset disposal services hold the highest level of accreditation.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Ci Recycling have the solid infrastructure and industry expertise to manage your data asset disposal – whatever it’s size.


Expert Knowledge

Ci Recycling's industry knowledge can save you time, money, and give you peace of mind.


Facilities Nationwide

Secure dedicated premises for data and hardware management.


Comprehensive Service

Ci Recycling offer a seamless service to meet your organisations needs.


ADISA DIAL Certificate

Data Impact Assurance Level is the new concept introduced as part of the ICO approved ADISA Asset Recovery Standard 8.0 to ensure the data controller can specify risk treatments which are sufficient to meet their own specific requirements.

What Our Customers Say

At Ci Recycling, we are committed to delivering outstanding service and support to all our clients.
Read on to discover what our clients say about their experiences with us.

"Ci exceeded expectations by co-ordinating the required installations at over 15 Hyde offices, the team were extremely efficient with the installation process of retrieving old equipment and replacing with new, dovetailing with the training provided by Hyde. Ci went the extra mile to provide a fantastic service which the Hyde staff were truly delighted with and delivered on the partnership built between Hyde and Ci."
The Hyde Group
"Following a comprehensive procurement procedure, Save the Children selected Centerprise because they offered the best Laptop as a Service solution; the combination of the ASUS product and Centerprise lifecycle services wrapped together in a very compelling partner package. With strong client credentials and service delivery evidenced throughout the selection process Save the Children were impressed with Centerprise and their partnership building. The ASUS product testing standards makes the device suitable for Save the Children field conditions; where durability, quality and value is critical. We are looking forward to working with Centerprise."
Save The Children
“The biggest thing for me was the speed of response. It was as quick as possible which isn’t always the case in these situations. They were very patient and understanding during the initial slow start, and rolled out devices within days. They made everything much easier, we’ve had no issues so far and have been more than happy with the service provided.”
James Haywood,
Head of IT at Radian Group


Latest in IT Asset Disposal

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