5 Considerations When Relocating Your Business IT

They say moving home is one of the most stressful life events. What about moving business location? Relocating is exciting, but it can also be stressful with business relocation presenting some unique issues. This is no small undertaking. Luckily CiRecycling has some expert advice on making that transition as painless as possible.

How much easier would IT relocation be with an amazing full professional relocation service? When you have staff, data security issues, expensive equipment, logistical issues and a business that needs a smooth transition. Clearly, you need an expert team on the job.

Moving a business is potentially a massive undertaking. So why wouldn’t you employ experts who can organise all the logistics, have experienced knowledgeable staff packing and transporting your expensive equipment, provide insurance during transit, and then set up your IT systems at your new location? CiRecycling can help with all these issues, so you can relax. Because we do this all the time, we understand the best practices to deliver a good transition.

Before the big day

Firstly, make sure that you’re not moving obsolete IT equipment from one location to another. CiRecycling can help you safely dispose of old IT equipment – we can ensure that all data is safely destroyed, providing a full chain of custody. We can also reduce your carbon footprint and recover any residual value left within these assets which can be used to offset against the overall cost of your relocation. A full audit can help you access your IT, and make sure it meets your business needs going forward. You can also make sure you’re only taking the IT equipment that you need to your new location.

Move it!

 IT equipment is at the heart of most modern businesses, so specialist handling and transportation ensures this important commodity arrives safely at your new site. CiRecycling can manage, specialist packing and reinstatement of your IT, insurance during transit, GPRS-tracked vans and a secure chain of custody. Moving isn’t just stressful, it can be an expensive business. Time is money and employing a specialist IT company can save you time, money, downtime, and expensive mistakes.

During the reinstatement, Centerprise can record the new location of all of your hardware ensuring that once relocated your hardware asset list is completely up to date.


When moving expensive IT equipment with data that needs to be kept secure and networks that need to be set up, they need to get up and running quickly, for the smooth running of your business. Do you need your data backed up? Or do you need to protect sensitive data? We use secure GPRS-tracked vans and offer a full chain of custody so you can be confident that your data remains confidential.

Setting up new Systems

You need to feel confident that there will be minimal disruption to your business. Getting experts setting up your IT systems and servers, means that you can ensure everything is functioning effectively and resolve any minor issues from the get-go. Internet, extranet, we can help you decide what you need and we’ll make sure it’s working for you. We encourage staff to let us know if they have any problems and can be on hand to iron out any issues with the IT infrastructure.

Tell everyone

Whilst we can minimise business downtime, it’s worth letting your customers know they may need to be a little understanding on moving day. Hopefully you have expert IT relocation services to help with the process!

Make sure all your customers and suppliers have your new address well ahead of the move. Redirect your mail, update your website, and tell the Post Office.

And finally, enjoy your new location!

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