The Issue

In 2018, as part of a desire to move away from their legacy Citrix environment and implement a more convenient outlook for their workers, Radian was looking to become more standardised, and to implement a more flexible working setting for their company.

Due to the nature of their business, they employ many field-based teams, and some productivity suffered when utilising Citrix.

As such, they were looking to transform into a hybrid environment, merging both Citrix and a more modern Cloud-based appliances. Part of this shift was to look at the devices that various user groups within the Group needed, to be as productive as possible in their roles.

After trialling various equipment, they found the Surface Pro to be the best match for most of their users’ needs, due to its lightweight and easy portability. They required hundreds of devices and raised a tender, initially struggling to find a service provider who would supply and suitably install the appliances for a convenient price.

The Solution

Centerprise and Radian had a preexisting relationship through its subsidiary, ADAM Continuity. A great backup and data recovery service built comfortability between the two and gave RG insight into the vast portfolio Centerprise offers.

With the right combination of value-added services and value-for-money, Ci won the bid for the tender and approached with a readymade solution. Centerprise handled the configuration, including imaging and asset tagging all the Surface Pros, which would have taken Radian weeks to perform.

In addition, Ci controlled all waste disposal which benefitted Radian greatly as their base features a limited storage capacity, thereby saving valuable time and improving efficiency.

This enabled the housing organisation to deploy up to 40 Surface Pros weekly, aiding in boosting the digital productivity of individuals across the business. The project management was deemed to be of a high level.

The speed of response was commended, as was the standard of communication and customer service throughout the whole deployment.

Moving Forward

Radian Group are utilizing more Cloud based devices than ever and have taken to Office 365 intensively, to facilitate the amalgamation of the core and business sides of the company.

Centerprise have been tasked with aiding their technological journey into the future because of the success of the aforementioned collaboration.

“The biggest thing for me was the speed of response. It was as quick as possible which isn’t always the case in these situations. They were very patient and understanding during the initial slow start, and rolled out devices within days. They made everything much easier, we’ve had no issues so far and have been more than happy with the service provided.”

James Haywood, Head of IT at Radian Group